Asset Management


Due to their high level of dependency on maintenance, management, location and market developments, properties are more than just assets. In many cases, they have a high potential of increasing their value which requires advanced competence, considerable commitment and a focused goal orientation of the management.


Optimum technical and commercial management is the decisive factor in the success of the portfolio properties we manage. One of the key concerns of BMP in this regard is optimising ancillary costs. In the field of asset management, BMP offers not only active management to increase the value of your properties but also strategic guidance on tailoring your property portfolio to reflect market conditions.


Only permanent maintenance and well-targeted and timely investments ensure continued competitiveness and profitable operation of portfolio properties. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market, we are able to make the best possible use of short- and long-term developments to maximise your success. By pooling our competences, we streamline decision-making and reduce frictional losses to reach the optimal growth perspectives for your property investment.


  • Cost analysis and optimisation
  • Reduction of vacancy rates
  • Contract optimisation
  • Optimisation of tenant and sector mix
  • Development of concepts for letting and use
  • Production of development and restructuring concepts
  • Analysis and exploration of additional earnings potentials
  • Implementation of refurbishment and maintenance works
  • Portfolio adjustment
  • Reporting tailored to owner and financing bank

Project steps

  • Acceptance and review of existing documents
  • Review of existing figures and reconciliation with business ratios
  • Plausibilisation of area sizes-> re-measurement of the site, if applicable, in the event of significant deviations
  • Review and optimisation of contract structures of all project parties
  • Preparation of and consultation about the reports to be submitted
  • Structured collation of all property information into an online database
  • Inspection of the properties by the representative in charge
  • Acting as point of coordination and contact for all project parties