Project development


Consciousness for quality of construction and architectural design must be balanced with environmental and profitability concerns. 


BMP Immobilienentwicklung Berlin GmbH operates Germany-wide and is engaged in the acquisition and development of commercial property projects offering sustained long-term profitability and attractive residential properties at preferred locations. The first step towards successful revitalisations and new development projects is identifying carefully selected properties and sites as suitable acquisition targets.

Concept design

Once a property has been successfully acquired, a concept to suit the relevant site is developed. Successful project development takes the strengths and weaknesses of a site equally into account and increases its value in the long term. We can provide you with our profound knowledge of the market and a reliable feel for the potential the most different sites may have.
It is at this early stage that negotiations with users begin.


Depending on the size of an investment and the concept designed for a project, investment decisions are accompanied by financially strong national and international partners with whom we have had long-standing and rewarding relationships.